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Working in Data: ORDER CAREERS, DESC

I’ve had the opportunity to work in health data for a while now. There are most definitely gradations and ranks in the data verse career list. In my first role as a health technologist, I learned a massive wealth of … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Oracle 10g Express

I have been working with Oracle 10g (and mySQL 5.1/5.5), and have come to some interesting conclusions regarding the Oracle SQL, as well as PHP. Oracle’s SQL language has its own variant – SQL*Plus. While I won’t get into the … Continue reading

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Many Eyes: Data Visualization Made Easy with IBM and Cognos

Article first published as┬áMany Eyes: Data Visualization with IBM and Cognos on Technorati. Probably the little-known champion of easy data visualization is Many Eyes, a SaaS offered via Cognos and IBM. Hosted on IBM’s servers, Many Eyes allows pure data … Continue reading

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