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Big Data Analysis Tools/Resources: An Annotated Bibliography

Big Data Analysis Tools/Resources 1.     Chris Stucchio’s blog http://www.chrisstucchio.com/blog/2013/hadoop_hatred.html This blog makes this list primarily for one article: “Don’t use Hadoop – your data isn’t that big”, which provides a guide for deciding whether your data really qualifies as big … Continue reading

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Data Visualization Resources: An Annotated Bibliography

Data Visualization Resources 1.     The St Louis Federal Reserve http://research.stlouisfed.org/ The St Louis Federal Reserve Economic Data series is perhaps the most comprehensive repository of time-series data. It also offers an in-browser, cross-platform, data visualization tool. The time series are … Continue reading

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Many Eyes: Data Visualization Made Easy with IBM and Cognos

Article first published as Many Eyes: Data Visualization with IBM and Cognos on Technorati. Probably the little-known champion of easy data visualization is Many Eyes, a SaaS offered via Cognos and IBM. Hosted on IBM’s servers, Many Eyes allows pure data … Continue reading

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