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Association Rules and Data Mining With RapidMiner

A good association rule set never fails to impress me. I love the hypothetical made concrete, the hunch turned into fact – attributes become relationships, numbers become involvement between tuples, fields, and tables. All in all, we live in interesting … Continue reading

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Data Mining with RapidMiner 5.1, GATE, and Weka 3.6.4

Over the last 6 months, I have been working intensely with a host of data mining software. Some of it was good, some of it was lousy, and some of it I can only rate as excellent. You will need … Continue reading

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Perspectives on Oracle 10g Express

I have been working with Oracle 10g (and mySQL 5.1/5.5), and have come to some interesting conclusions regarding the Oracle SQL, as well as PHP. Oracle’s SQL language has its own variant – SQL*Plus. While I won’t get into the … Continue reading

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