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Working in Data: ORDER CAREERS, DESC

I’ve had the opportunity to work in health data for a while now. There are most definitely gradations and ranks in the data verse career list. In my first role as a health technologist, I learned a massive wealth of … Continue reading

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Epic Systems, Epic Certification, and the future of EMRs

Well, I just finished my second round of classes in the Epic EMR system. The first time, I trained in MyEpic/Radar and Reporting Workbench – and I successfully passed the certification exams for these two modules (for lack of a … Continue reading

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Working in Healthcare IT

Part of the appeal of working in IT is that there should be a constant stiving to learn and excel. Programming and technology depends on being cutting-edge, staying ahead of the curve. As someone who works at Symantec once told … Continue reading

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Health Information Technology and IT Security

Attached is a presentation I created for one of my graduate-level networking classes. The content of the Powerpoint is more the focus of this post than the commentary. It should be obvious that Internet security is the hot topic of … Continue reading

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