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Data Mining for the Masses and Correlation Matrices

I’m working through Data Mining for the Masses (yes, at the same time as I’m working through Machine Learning for R.) I’ve found that hitting the same topic from multiple angles helps to embed the concepts and lessons much more … Continue reading

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Data Analysis With R

I’ve been working my way through the Machine Learning for Hackers book from O’Reilly press (which really should be named R for Machine Learning), and just finished a small data analysis project in R. While the syntax is a little … Continue reading

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The ‘Drunken Master’: A Prototype Case-Based Reasoning System

This shows the system that I have been working on. It extracts the data from an API feed, parses it and cleans it, and then feeds it into Protege, at which point a case-based reasoning system is built around the … Continue reading

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