The ‘Drunken Master’: A Prototype Case-Based Reasoning System

NEDB 2012 Poster, code-named the Drunken MasterThis shows the system that I have been working on. It extracts the data from an API feed, parses it and cleans it, and then feeds it into Protege, at which point a case-based reasoning system is built around the specifics. While it currently extracts web products and compares on a collection of critical data categories, the system can be created with any structured or semi-structured data set. The more structured, the easier the data extraction process – the data must be immaculate in order to go into the case-based reasoning system.

I don’t know why I called it the Drunken Master, except that it sounds like a cool code-name. If anyone is interested in working together on this, please feel free to write me!

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