Health Information Technology and IT Security

Attached is a presentation I created for one of my graduate-level networking classes. The content of the Powerpoint is more the focus of this post than the commentary.

It should be obvious that Internet security is the hot topic of the 2010-2020 era, and probably will extend beyond that span. While the threat of a cyberwar is sometimes played out (or underplayed), the threat of a constant shifting array of forces that seek to gain advantage in a nebulous environment is real.

Medical record systems are overlooked by security agencies, and far too vulnerable to cybercrime. Any given medical database contains hundreds or thousands of vital patient records, which can fetch upwards of $50/patient. When combined with the fact that medical organizations pay an average of 3-4% of their budget towards IT, you have what economics terms an ‘undervalued’ resource. It won’t be a day too soon when a hospital is required to secure their systems and have at least one dual Health IT/Security person on staff.

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