Google Earth, World Bank Data, and KML Files

I thought that I would make available the KML files that I created for several categories of World Bank data indicators. Please note that the data was available only due to the kindness of the World Bank’s open information initiative that was undertaken a few years back.

Please download and use the attached KML files, stored in the ZIP file attached to this post. You will need Google Earth to properly view the KML output. The methodology for creation was tedious, but the end results were worth the time and effort.

Also, please see my and my colleagues’ paper: Visualizing World Bank Indicators Using Google Earth. An earlier draft is available on Google Scholar, and you can find it via Drexel’s digital repository as well.

I have made a copy of the KML file available for download from Google Docs, and have started a project on good ol’ SourceForge.

Look for the KML file here:

Also, see the SourceForge link to the project here:

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