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Don’t Get Lazy, and Learn for Life

I am enrolled in Drexel‘s MSIS, and have only a few classes to go. Currently, I’m finishing up my pre-req courses to finish the Masters of Science in Information Systems (MSIS). Before this, I completed my MSLIS (MS Library and … Continue reading

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Transitioning Careers into the Technical Realm

When I was in high school, I intended to be a .com boomster, and ride the digital era into that $1m jackpot. After I graduated from the illustrious Churchill High School, I went to community college and studied for a … Continue reading

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The Deep Web: The Internet’s Obscure Data Mine

Deep Web. Invisible Web. The Hidden Internet. Every knowledge professional, from librarian to data mining specialist, should know that the Deep Web exists. The term “Deep Web” refers to data and resources that are not accessed by typical Googling. Examples include university-hosted databases, organizational Wikis, topic-specific forums, and other volatile locations difficult to index with typical bots and spiders. Notably, some of these massive websites can be very information-intensive – and also nigh-impossible to crawl via current public methods. Continue reading

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