Future Works

I’m really looking forward to getting my new desktop computer. My wife and I got a newer system for Xmas (in the Futurama tradition for holiday names), and I plan on crunching more of the World Bank data into KML.

One issue with KML transformation is that it was performed on a single desktop over a few weeks. While data creation
and transmogrification isn’t necessarily that heavy processing-wise, the sheer number of individual disparate data sets generated from the World Bank master economic data set was overwhelming. Still, it reminds me of how I accomplish most of my tasks – make each individual step into a bite-sized morsel, and then chew away.

So, in the next few weeks, expect to see more World Bank KML data (as my actual daily workload permits) and a new card game synopsis. I’ve got some decidedly non-technical creations in the pipeline, and hope that you like them!

Lastly, I’m thinking about pursuing some technical writing about RapidMiner 6.x (which unfortunately has become a commercial product with open-source roots). If you’d care to leave a comment about what type of technical documentation would be most helpful with predictive modeling software, I would be grateful – this would let me get closer to the user base and produce works with more vitality.


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