RPG Maker and Database Structure

So, I’ve embarked on creating a side project in RPG Maker – simply as a hobby. One aspect of RPG Maker is that it runs on a database (I’m not sure which one), so is essentially a kit for making database RPG games, similar to Final Fantasy VII or (more of a stretch) Crystalis. I’ve done a quick and dirty schema devolvement in order to make heads and tails of the character/weapon/armor portion of the database, which I’ve posted here. While this isn’t necessarily the same type of post that I generally make, it is still nominally within the realm of data – given a few more weeks, I’m going to devolve the core RPG system I’m adapting (which will be much messier, as it is a tabletop system).

schema for RPG Maker

Quick and dirty partial schema from RPG Maker’s database

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