The Future of Health Data

Here is the poster that I presented at the New England Database Conference 2013, held over at MIT‘s Stata Center in Cambridge, MA. I’ve also excised the abstract for ease of reading (and so that Google will zero in on this page.)

ABSTRACT: Medicine is already becoming more dependent on the medical data contained within the medical record systems mandated by the Recovery Act. Doctors and medical practitioners have begun to shift into a data-based decision-making paradigm. The next great leap that data-driven medicine will take will involve assimilation of proteomic- and genomic-level databases into the medical record system itself. This will enable three key functions: the foundation of data mining/predictive modeling, better patient care via greater depth of knowledge, and the ability to tailor gene-based or protein-specific treatments to the patient. All of this requires massive databases and data-driven enterprises: it can be argued that medicine is becoming a true data-focused field.

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