Yahoo Pipes Mash-Ups and Future Projects

I have been experimenting with mash-ups, with the ultimate plan to incorporate them into mobile applications and websites. Yahoo Pipes offers an easy way to create mash-up systems. Pipes is primarily focused around RSS, JSON, XML, Flickr, and geocoded data on Yahoo Maps. Even with this limitation, the interface is slick and strongly reminds me of RapidMiner 5.1. As a matter of fact, someone must have been stealing ideas, but I have no idea which came first. Pipes does not include a data mining tool, but I am absolutely sure that I can incorporate Pipes input into RapidMiner 5.1 output. How fantastic would that be?

Go take a look around! There are several good tutorials available on the Pipes site, and also quite a few videos floating around on the Net. Once I take care of a few things, I will be posting the interactive map and RSS feed to the system. That will probably be in a few weeks, once I have a chance to fully plan out the rest of October and November’s techscapades.

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