Jing: Viral Powerpoints made easy!

Have you ever wanted to place a screenshot directly onto Twitter? Do you want to record your screen and stick the video on Facebook? Even though you may regret doing this later in life, TechSmith has made this possible with Jing, their simple-to-use screen/audio capture and upload program.

Jing makes it possible to upload audiovisual content with wild abandon. Jing’s software lets you record your screen and your audio input (typically a microphone), review it, and then upload it to the destination of your choice. Options for uploading include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (with Jing’s Pro account), and Screencast.com (TechSmith’s free online storage that comes with Jing and Jing Pro). You can also download the video to your computer.

Jing also has a swift screenshot upload where you can capture a screenshot and send it straight to Twitter. This versatile feature means that you can Twitter your business associates easily (or Twitter screenshots while drunk). Instead of sending endless .JPG files, Jing makes it possible to rapidly send screenshots and store the same shot on your account on Screencast.com.

Screencast.com is a notable mention, as TechSmith has free basic accounts. Screencast.com allows 2GB of free media storage, as well as an easy file sharing system. The file sharing allows single files or entire folders stored at Screencast to be password protected and shared via email. This level of added security is a pleasant find, reminscent of Google Docs. Jing and Screencast seem like a natural fit, which is a compliment to TechSmith’s software team.

Researchers and technologists may especially find Jing useful for the sharing ability. Universities, especially graduate programs, should find Jing a good fit for their uses. Other users include media mavens and people who produce videos for Facebook and YouTube, as Jing makes publishing to these sites a breeze. TechSmith’s avowed speciality is in video capture and sharing, and their particular focus helps them to excel with their products.

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